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Canadian Champion (Milton, ON), 26 Sep 2019, p. 30

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Lo NER [0]D)\ Lcom/readerschoice-milton/ SEPT. 26 - OCT, 20,2019 La Rose Italian Bakery Main St. Doughnuts Canadian Hot Dogs (beside Canadian Tire) Captain Fries Harveys Kevin's Burgers-Milton Mall Lunch Twice The Deal Pub Bryden's Pub & Restaurant EddieO's PourHouse & Kitchen EddieO's PourHouse & Kitchen The Green Eatery The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Toss Thai : Wings Spokes and Slopes Salvation Army Department Store Aiden & Co Furniture Store Backyard Retreat Bergsma's Paint & Decor Canadian Tire DOT Furniture Troy's Diner Oh Look, Fabre! Fine Oak Things Wild Wing Ivy Arm's Eddie0)'s Pourtlouse & Kitchen Real Canadian Superstore Home Depot Wimpy's Dinner Ned Devines Ivy Arm's Walmart Home Hardware Orange Snail Brewers Kelsey's Winners Lowes Sporting Goods Store VOTE FORYOUR FAVOURITE /4 CQ ® a , Sind oO - N ol © oN 3 Milton Donut Marble Ice Cream Ribs Rad Brothers Drug Store / Pharmacy Recycled Patio (Fine Oak Things) £ Starbucks Marble Slab Ta Ay Turtle Jack's ille P : - Terra Nursery . . : La Rose Italian-Bakery Sou Campbellville Pharmacy Jon ix Patio Furni SD Symposium . Milton Ice Cream Lab Memphis BBQ Vito's Derry Pharmacy . Toja Patio Furniture 2 Tim Hortons Yogurtys Montaras Wild Wing Glen Eden Pharmacy Pet Food / Supplies 0 i : Swiss. Chalet Wings Up : : Hawthorne Pharmacy > Delicatessen Indian Suis (yale yi Bautlound Haus Inc. © Karpaty Bombay Grill i Ny FAVOURITE ' a Tracy Global Pet ] ? 'La Rose Italian Bak Kh: : : : IDA-James Snow Mutt Life ; £ asase taliany Saige Rana Roadhouse SHOPPING Real Canadian Superstore Pet Val 3 £ Sobey's Nats Kumar linea Chudleigh's Rexall Pharma Plus Pet val J ® oy D ; Parse Fine Foods Eddie0's PourHouse & Kitchen ance Store Shoppers Drug Mart 3 ; : Silver Spoon Ivy Arm's Applianc St. Gi ical Cente e Couture C upcakes Boutique Tandoor ang Curry [Hom S ; Aries Dep BLA one Ned enter Shoe Store 'a Flour Girls The Flyin Gnosh Food Truck M ol x Ch hots Apphance Hous Toy hl ay D Mark s Work Wearhouse : E£ Hawthorne Cafe ghiawic Lhop house Best Buy otal Hea armacy Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre © illarv's Cupcakes Itali Orange Snail Brewers Canadian Tire Walmart Pharmacy The Shoe Com & i HilarysCupcatees : fan Rad Brothers Home Depot Zak's Pharmacy Shoe Stop Main § © La Rose Italian Bakery , Casa Americo Shoeless J > ome efi aK § cy The Shoe Stop-Main Street S Longos Goodfellas Wood Oven Pizza-Milton phoeless Joe's k Home Hardware Florist Walking on a Cloud © Marquee Steakhouse & Piano Lounge La Rose Italian Bakery Salad Bar hes d Appl xd Blooms dt Posics Winners : © Miss Bailey Brown Chocolat La Toscana Nc ; Sancard Appliances 1. BLL . ! % Pasqualino Fine Food: Fine Wine Lociira Fresh Addicts The Brick Business Is Blooming Shopping Mall / Centre oO Su . . . : Green Eatery The Vacuum Store Flower Mill Milton Mall i ' E Pur Chocolat Luigi's Lasagna & Pizzena Longo's . Ravers Flower Shop > a let Mal Cnt - clon Seal A ATi Nl ' . . s : er } ) 8 Set Cheeks Cakes & Cupcakes Pasig Fine Food. Fine Wine. The Chopped Leal Bicyde Sales / Service Real Carvdians Superstore a re DOS rtabe \ anad 5 po a : Canadian Tire Sobey's Walmart = Do hnut Hsposta Bistro : 'e133 > Sandwiches Flying Monkeys The Flower Mill Winners ug The Grand Chalet & Tony Spiducci's Ristorante Bistro on Main Mill Town Cycle : : "Ireh Subs ml os & S a's Pai ia Tim Hortons Bistro on Main Eiri Se Su The Village Bikes & Skis Da Dex e foardtopia Ly oo Si / s Canadian Tire Family a rks H & Kitch Halifax Donair Book Store } Decorative Dreams Play it Again Sports EddieO's Pi > Bah hel § rou. louse '¢ Miche Hawthorne Cafe Indigo Fine Oak Things SportChek ie0)'s PourHouse & Kitchen Heritage Fish and Chips Teli i : ire 4 Spo! ' $4 Lone Star Texas Gnll Kevin's Burgers-Milton Mall La Rose Italian Bakery Once Upon A Twin-Usbome Books Grumblin' Granny's | Louie's Dinter : I _ ; i ; on 4 Lunch Box Cafe Shaaron's Book Nook ! Habitat for Humanity ReStore Toy/ Hobby Store | i oe SE a Nose tahan Bakery Mama Mila's Cafe Halton Furniture Master mind | Aigi's Lasagna & Pizzena Luigi's Lasagna & Pizzeria Metro Book Store - Used The Brick Oh Look, Fabric! | 9d Brnfhers Lunch Box Cafe Pita Pit-Kennedy Circle Goodwill The Sleep Factory Untouchables Sports Cards and Gaming Swiss Chalet Oshima Sushi thosia : 3 , : : I z Symposium SYTposiNS Shoeless Joe's Salvation Army Vintage Ideas Inc. Wal Mart #1] The Grand Chalet & Tony Spiducci's Ristorante Thai House Cuisine et Leal The Dragor Wiriners Women's Fashions 1] The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro i tho, ea Bridal Home Decor / Accessories Aiden & Co | Troy's Diner Mediterranean Sports Bar Blushing Rose Bridal Boutique Bouclair Alia Fine Dining : x $n > Champs FEC La Rose Italian Bakery Business Is Blooming Grumblin' Granny's hy Casa Armerico ea M Eddie('s PourHouse & Kitchen Milton Banquet & Conference Centre Decorative Dreams Marks Work Wearhouse 5 Heritage Fish : Jsmow's i Ivy Arm's Wedding Connection Grumblin' Granny's Northern Reflections ¥ : . eritage Fish and Chips Paramount Fine Foods Rad Brothers ° . La Rose Italian Bakery Oh Look Fabric! 2 LaTowan ROJO Thyme Catering Shoeless Joe's Camping Equipment Milton Lighting Passions Couture pcanda ; Shawarma Corner Canadian Tire Oh Look, Fabric! The Purse Lok 8 Marquee Stealchoiss: & Pang lolinge Mexican Steak SportChek The Ban Door Studio Walmart A Pasqualino Fine Food. Fine Wine oe Boston Pizza Walmart The Sleep Factory Winners a Risposta Bistro Jar Burrito Eddie0's PourHouse & Kitchen Winners = | Symposium : Chorizos Lone Star Texas Grill Children's Store The Grand Chalet & Tony Spiducci's Ristorante Lone Star Texas Grill Marquee Steakh & Piano Lounge Adventuremania Store Fish & Chips Tact Del Mat Mohawk Chophouse Carter's Osh Kosh Brancier Jeweller-Gemoligist Say : Montana's Justice Grumblin' Granny's Gold City Outdoor Patio a 3 ss Joe' L'il Chelsea Bun - ; Golden Fish and Chips Bryden's Pub & Restaurant . Shoeless Joe's ha oe o Hang 13 Beat Jewellery : Heritage Fish and Chips Chudleigh's Sub Shop Once Upon A Child So ee p Milton Fish and Chips Eddie0's PourHouse & Kitchen Fire Hall Subs A Snuggle Bugz Walmart Symposium Hawthorne Cafe Firehouse Subs Walmart Winners French Fri 4 vy Arm's La Rose Italian Bakery Whipper Snipperz Cutz for Kidz : ~ fo nes Kelsey's. - Mr. Sub tl Lingerie Shop i : La Rose Italian Bakery . . Subway China / Gift Shop : Loveshop Captain Fries Milton Banquet & Conference Centre 1 Basket Designs....Gift Wrapped Expressions Winners ; Eddie0's PourHouse & Kitchen Ned Devines Sushi Grumblin' Granny's ) Harveys = oa Shoeless Joe's Aji Sai Sushi Hallmark Men's Fashions Herlape High and Chips Symposium Joya Sushi King Of Glass Fine Cigars & More Aiden & Co clonald's 5 Oshima Sushi Muse Studio and Market Big & Tall Memphis BBQ Overall Service Sushi Ya Oh Look, Fabric! Marks Work Warehouse Mohawk Chophouse Bryden's Pub & Restaurant The Barn Door Studio Tip Top Tailors : Swiss Chalet Casa Americo 0 Take Out. The Gallery Upstairs At Bronte Winners ¢ g Symposium EddieO's PourHouse & Kitchen Gold City The Bistro on Main La Toscana Halix Donair Collectibles Shop Musical Instruments Store The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Lone Star Texas Grill Heritage Fish and Chips - Hallmark Get Loud Music J k Mar quee Steakhouse & Piano Lounge Kevin's Burgers-Milton Mall The Dragon House Of Chords } Gree R Pasqualino Fine Food. Fine Wine. La Rose Italian Bakery Untouchables Sports-Cards and Gaming Rick Imus Music School : Louie's Diner u Rad Brothers Luigi's Lasagna & Pizzeria : : Opa : Symposium 3: Main Street Italian Eatery Computer Office Supplies : Osmow's 2 Thai House Cuisine Memphis BBQ Best Buy Frid and Russell The Grand Chalet &Tony Spiducci's Ristorante © Tyoy's Diner Mr. Dumpling Canada Computers ». ay Staples Turtle Jack's Silver Spoon Compumbbile av Walmart Hamburger . . ~ Swiss Chalet Crave Computer Systems . - | Burger Factory Milton Pizza . Milltown Casfiputers % Party Supplies Eddie's PourHouse & Kitchen Domino's - Thai RDC Netyort » Absolute Dollar : Harvey's Gino's Milton Pho z Simple Gomputer Solutions Adventuremania Hero Jopapa's Pho Mi 89 Staples Balloon'Shoppe Kevin's Burgers-Milton Mall La Rose Italian Bakery Thai House Cuisine Walmart Dollarama 1 Mohawk Chophouse Little Caesars b Toss Thai Zedden LT. & Consultancy Services Inc. Energy Events Symposium ; Luigi's Lasagna & Pizzena Vietnamese Cuisine . . Epic Event and Party:Rentals The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro Pizza Hut -/ : Consignment / Thrift Store Milton Party Supplies > 1 Troy's Diner Pizza Nova Vegetarian Ditto's Boutique Party City Turtle Jack's Pizzaville é Fresh Addicts Goodwill We Bring The Party Super Deal Pizza, Carnage Square La Rose Italian Bakery Grow Play Share Children's Consignment Sales . Hot Dog Toppers Pizza Sushi Ya Once Upon A Child Patio Furniture Ice Cream / Frozen Yogurt Baskin Robbins ) Dairy Queen Jay's Ice Cream Rad Brothers Shoeless Joe's La Rose Italian Bakery Luigh's Lasagna & Pizzena Memphis BBQ Real Canadian Superstore

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