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Canadian Champion (Milton, ON), 21 Nov 2019, p. 4

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Milton Canadian Champion LEASE" on FINANCE' y/o RILEY] s500 WINTER TIRE CREDIT (IR PION IY RR AP) THCSONAND SANTA LT MILTON oy) LARA RIRIR TRL} {OI NIY LINEUP XO) SALES EVENT ONSIHILTCT MODELS 4 DON'T PAY FOR > 10) DAYS' OMALL HYUNDAI MODEL" 2020 SANTA FE IRWIN Includes fen nts] i Heated rant seats Heated leather wrapped steering whool Heated side murrorns CTT TELL A CT : Year' Warranty a TE reo s70 1.99: | 48 Includes: s4 Step up " Heated leather wrapped steering wheel [~ SPOTTER TINT i= Blind Spot Collision Warning with Lane Change Assist eS aT LT | te | 1.49, | | Includes: @ Heated front seats ' Heated side mirrors Step up 1 & Heated leather wrapped steering wheel re AMT MILTON AO aLD 905-875-1120 | 1285 Steeles Ave. East, Milton ON L9T 0K2 MILTON HYUNDAI IS A PROUD SUPPORTER OF THE MILTON DISTRICT HOSPITAL FOUNDATION & COMMUNITY HEALTHCARE. sang oes pewiable 0 4. from Wyund France Services based on § ew 2070 Elantra Essent) manual/ 0 rir [rsantial manual/2020 Elantra Preftred aut. /2020 Tucson 2.01 Essential FWDV2020 Tucson 2.0L Preferred FWD/2020 Santa Fe 2.4L Essential FWD with an annual lease rate of OW LADWLASI/SL 09/1 90/1 4GN. Total lease obligation = $8, 912/812, 91/813 T20/$36, 652/817, 308.417 58 Wasi ase syment of SABIAN IO I/ST for 4 IMSOAO/ABAMBAS month walk awe inns. [own payment of §1,095/8) 995/81 095/41, 904/81, 996/42,195 and frst monthly payment required. Trade-in value may be applied to down payment amount. Lease offer includes Delivery and Destmation charges of §1,710/$1, 710/81, 7110/§1, 810/31, 810/31, 9% Yevies aod of apphcadle charges excluding son ofr nchuies gaion, insures, TRUM, loance lows and delet adn, Sows of upto JA. Fees may dary by deer 30 sacurty dapout on af modets. 16,000 km allowance per year apples. Addimonal charge of $0.12. Finance offers avadable 0.A.C. from Hyundas Financial Services based on new in-stock 209 Sonata Preferred models with an annual finance rate of 0% Castof borrow 3 Sole prc 8 $0,704. Waly payments arn TI for 10 month, 30 down payment tocuired. Ti ade vibe may be apphed lo down payment amaunt Finance others include Delivery and Destination charge of $1,810 levies and all apphcable charges (excluding HST). Finance offers exclude mgrstration, imsurance, PPSA, cence fees and dealer admin. fees of up to $499. Fees may vary by dealer "$500 ter 1 uw Condit svadatsie with thw nance, lass 01 ath pitta of cevw i shock 2000 Diatsa/ 2000 Volontme 72020 Tucson 20% Turson/ 2020 Senta Fe/2019 Santa Fe models. Customer may dechne the Winter Tire Credit and instead apply the credit amount to the purchase proce of the new vehicle. Winter Tire Credit applied before taxes. Offer can be combined or used in consunchion with any other avadable Pius Mer se Aransianable sod canal be wisgrad Nervi linden reqpaned Tew mata on hed balancing ve not nchuded in the offer. See MionHyundai. com or vist Wilton Hyundai for detads, *0 payments (payment detertal) for 90 days is svadable on promotional finance offers of in-stock 2019/2020 Hyundai models. Payment deferral applies only to promotional finance offers on approved cred 1 tha tant adr ofa saberind tha orp teem of the fiance Contract will ie ervendind by 7 months (60 dav) Hyunda: Auto Canada Corp. wil pay the interest during the fest 2 months (0 days) of the finance contract, after which the purchaser wil pay al principal and interest owing in equal installments over the remaining term of the contract Payments on finance contracts are paid in areas. "For Svitie 50 wonty bod yr mak bases, purchasers wiv selec? the payment deter ol after may hav tu mai thew rs! meekly of br wekly payment woonw than 90 day from purchase, Down payments we not subject to the payment deferral offer and are due on the date the contract is signed. Hyundar Auto Canada Corp. reserves the night to amend of termenate this offer wholear in part # oy Svw wd (res AN Aided condone wd ations apply. Mek pour duties lor dias, #Price of readel shown: 2070 Fluetra Utimate intend Bh/ 2020 Tucson UNimate AWD Aqua Blue 2020 Santa Fe Ultimate Turbo AWD Scarlet Red is $29, 592/940, 142/$47.440. Pricesnchudes Delivery and Destination charges of $1, 70751, 850/$1,910, levies and afl appicable charges ferchuding RST). Prices achat pats, oa won PPh wanes es tnd desker wm, lows of vp \6 JANE. Fone may vor by deter 1 Mary wenbabie for o lenin tie ari srbyect to change of ¢ ancelletion without notice. Vehicle colour is subject to availability. Delivery and Destination charge nc hudes freght, P.0.L and a hull tank of gas. Dealer may sell for less. inventory i bmvted, dealer order may be required. Offer cannot cane of wad congas wilh ony vier valet ghar (Mer i nen \aaslerable aed Canal be magne No whcle tude i required Vit Mitoriyunde com of soe Mion Hyundai for Complete detalls 1 Hyundal's Comprehensive Limited Warranty coverage covers most vehicle components agaist defects in workmanship under normal use and masrtenance conditions. Ouran festrctions oy amar ot grant Sue oid of miler | tls wd 1) of me of parthans crm pac pre taco off thew purchase. Progr im imc (16 change of Cancellation without notice Vindt Mion or see Milton Hyundal for complete details. ¥ Do not solely rely on Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) to determine whether rear seats are amply. Aways make su * you check ed seats bekore wig Ba whacin 4 wy tal Ger oe Lo! 0 OR Stans, 0 \ eg what 0 or Ti oman dateriad of tha sansar in shacurnd. Sow Owner's Manual tor further details snd Bmitations garding ROA. VAndrond Auto™ in compatible with Android phones auning Android Lollipop or ewer. Andrond Auto may not be avadable on of devices and is not avasabie im afl countries of reguons J is ww teadbomarks of Cimon ine. VApple CarPiay™ works with Phone Bs, Phone Sc, Phone § and later models running fhe latest version of 105 7 and above. Apple Caray ™ may not be avaiable on ol devices and may not be avadlable i all countries or negro. Visit com By ay ta wpeend on wen gadioond com vr bre (wae ond wo) wie GU altos hodirod wed hock ond " . ae wd wy oe die iain. Mpls Appin {WP wd Pod we tram of Mpgie ir IVT Vipundie rane loge, prodlrt naman laste amen mages and tlogans are trademarks owned or hoansed by Hyundal Auto Canada Corp A other trademarks are (he property of ther respective owner. For Rurther deta, terms and conditions vist Mitoakyunda com of Milton Nyunde Le 4 . ! Industiy Loa a RAVER | > Milton Districh INA vespiial raundat ad B NEWS "MANY ISSUES NOT BEING ADDRESSED. ETFO HALTON PRESIDENT Continued from page 3 taking will not impact students and that was key to our work to rule," commented Kathy Proctor, president of Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) Halton division. Progress reports due out this week will ° not be affected, nor will parent interviews related to those reports, said Proctor. "The actions we're taking are adminis- trative type things coming from the min- istry and the school board, and we are not taking any actions that will negatively im- pact students." What teachers will not do is anything related to EQAO or board improvement plan activities, or attend staff meetings. "They haven't addressed the issue of FIRST PHASE OF WORK-TO-RULE ACTION LOCA 3,000 HALTON PUBLIC ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHERS AFFECTED support for students with special needs, they haven't addressed the issue of vio- lence in the classroom and these are things that teachers care very deeply about. So it was necessary to escalate things to a work to rule campaign in order to hopefully bring the government back to the table and to act in a serious way." More talks are planned in the near fu- ture between the province and ETFO. "So we continue to be hopeful that the governmen' will come to the bargaining table and bargain seriously with us and that we can resolve our issues without having to esczlate any further." The workto rule strike action was an- nounced Nev. 14 by ETFO president Sam Hammond OnMbv. 1, ETFO members voted 98 per cent in favour of a strike. ' STORY BEHIND THE STORY Metroland Halton spoke with the EFTO Halton President to leam what's ahead for local teachers, | as negotiations continue with the union and Province

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