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Canadian Champion (Milton, ON), 21 Nov 2019, p. 5

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~~ Rei nd Spiny pe SR Eee ee > x de Torstar file photo The Halton District School Board recently released its report on school drinking water testing. 10 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT WATER TESTING AT HALTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS KATHY YANCHUS « 1 As of 2017, Ontario government regulations specified that all school fix- tures used for drinking wa- ter or in food preparation were to be tested. All ele- mentary school fixtures were to be tested before Oct. 31, 2019, and all second- ary schools before Oct. 31, 2021. The Halton District School Board is on target. 2) During the most re- cent HDSB water testing, 1,569 fixtures were tested with a total of 3,138 samples taken. Of those, 33 schools had a fixture with a lead concentration above ac ceptable amounts. 3) Fixtures aré sink taps, drinking fountains or wa ter-bottle-filling stations. Fixtures that are not desig nated for drinking purpos es, such as found in auto shops, are not tested. 4) When testing water for lead, two samples are is above the taken; one is a standing sample taken directly from the fixture without run- ning the water first, the other a flushed sample tak- en after running the tap for five minutes and letting the water sit. 5) Should a sample have a lead concentration and the flushed sample be be- low-the threshold, regula- tions require staff to per- form five-minute daily flushes of every water line and a 10-secqnd flush at ev- ery fixture used for drink- ing water or food prepara- tion. Ministry of Environ- ment regulations require that flushing be continued for two years. 6) If the flushed sample ministry's threshold of 10 micrograms per: litre, the water supply tothe fixture is shut off and the fixture is covered to prevent usage until a retest or replacement confirms the lead levels are within acceptable amounts 7) "Contrary to what many people believe, the majority of HDSB schools do not have lead pipes. Lead may be found in the soldering and, in some cases, in the brass that makes up the fixtures, ac- cording to HDSB Superin- tendent of Facility Services Maia Puccetti. 8) Recent reports of drinking water tests at Oakville's White Oaks Sec- ondary School that showed exceedance levels were re- corded over the summer months during a period of congtruction when little water was flowing, said Puccetti. 9) Flushed samples at WOSS indicate results within or'velow the thresh old. Testing will continue, "but we have met ministry expectations," said Puccet tl. 10) Ontario is one of the few provinces that require schools to test lieir water for lead PROUDLY SERVING MILTON SINCE 1960 WE WANT YOUR 1d, ](HA: EVEN IF YOU DON'T WANT ONE OF OURS For over 60 years Gorrud's has prided itself on delivering quality vehicles to our customers Many of these vehicles are purchased from local residents who maintain their vehicles to the very high standard Gorrud's was built on If your vehicle is in-nice condition and you know its service history, we want it and are prepared to pay a premium for it whether you buy a vehicle from us or not. See us today or visit us online for a written, guaranteed appraisal. { J | | on , | | consumes © | | A sariseaction # | & ; i Milton District dh Fo sprite] Fondation GORRUD'S AUTO (8 A PROUD Avie, INDUSTRY LEADING FEWWOW LOYALTY PROGRAM AWARD # SUPPORTER OF THE MILTON - - DISTRICT HOSPITAL FOUNDATION "nv Dente Rites A COMMUNITY HEALTHEARE WWW.GORRUDS.COM 6102 '12 Jaquanon 'Aepsiny] | uoidweys ueipeues uo | § Woo' uo}jeyapisul

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